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Services at our Clinics

Many conditions, such as neck or back pain, cannot be related to a specific incident but come on gradually. Often times these pains, spasms or stiff areas are an accumulation of bad work positioning, improper sleeping habits or postural faults. The doctors and staff at Kern Chiropractic carefully analyze your activities of daily living to correct and prevent further physical problems. A specific healthcare treatment plan is developed for the correction of your current condition.

When you're in pain from an injury or accident, you want fast, effective pain relief. You also want comfort and care. At TeamCare Medical Centers, our team of medical and chiropractic doctors provide experienced, leading-edge treatment to relieve your pain quickly, and show you how to keep it from coming back. The staff effectively handles most aspects of the medico-legal details of your accident coordinating with at-fault insurance carriers or attorneys.

But we take it one step further, with individualized treatment plans, a family-friendly staff, and the warmth that feels like home. At our clinics we don't just provide advanced treatment - we provide advanced care.

Therapy for lasting pain relief

  • Physio-Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Orthopedics
  • Medical
  • Neurological
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Pre-authorized insurance
  • Same-day appointments

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