person grabs wrist in pain while using computer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that 25 lost workdays occur for every single case of carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful disorder of the hand, wrist and forearm that also commonly involves numbness and tingling as well as motor weakness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most commonly the result of:

  • Overuse of the affected hand and wrist;
  • Repetitious occupational or recreational activities, particularly those that require repetition;
  • Awkward or sustained postures;
  • Unusual force or gripping;
  • Exposure to either vibration or temperature extremes; and
  • Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, obesity and heredity factors must also be considered in the diagnosis.

Often misdiagnosed, it is very important for people suffering the above symptoms to have a comprehensive assessment for a variety of conditions that can mimic carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly prior to undergoing surgical intervention.

Fortunately, the great majority of carpal tunnel syndrome patients obtain accurate diagnosis as well as significant relief through conservative, non-surgical management of this disorder provided by doctors of chiropractic. Treatment may include manual care to the affected joints of the wrist, physical rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, information on ergonomics and related advice regarding workstation modification and lifestyle considerations.

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