About Us

Dr. Timothy Kern, a Chiropractic Physician, has been successfully treating patients in the New Orleans metro area since 1982. The caring doctors and staff of Kern Chiropractic are committed to spinal and joint rehabilitation enabling the patient to quickly return to a lasting pain-free active lifestyle.

The 3 conveniently located clinics provide a very relaxed office atmosphere for treating neck and back pain, headaches, radiating pain into the arms and legs and joint discomfort in the shoulders, knees and ankles. Spinal mobilization, decompressive traction, activator, therapeutic exercise and numerous physical modalities (including ultrasound) are specifically chosen for each patient's treatment program.

The affiliated TeamCare Medical Centers provides patients a combined medical and chiropractic approach for traumatic injuries associated with auto collisions and worker's injuries utilizing emergency medical triage, medicinal support and chiropractic evaluation with rehab care. The staff effectively handles most aspects of the medico-legal details of your accident coordinating with at-fault insurance carriers or attorneys.